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What are the maintenance methods for sputtering target?

Author: 超级管理员

October 12, 2022


Sputtering target, as a component, is widely used in microelectronics, display and other fields. In the use process of sputtering target, the maintenance of sputtering target can not be ignored. Regular maintenance of sputtering target can reduce the residues on the surface of sputtering target and improve the utilization efficiency of target. What are the maintenance methods of sputtering target? Now Fenglianke will introduce you to understand

Sputtering target maintenance method

1. Sputtering target maintenance

Target maintenance can avoid short circuit or arcing due to the unclean cavity of the sputtering target during the target sputtering process. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically remove the deposits in the middle and both sides of the target sputtering track, which helps users to continuously sputter at high power density.

2. Sputtering target storage

For the storage of sputtering target, try to store it in vacuum packaging, especially for the bonding sputtering target, which must be stored under vacuum conditions to avoid the bonding layer oxidation that may affect the bonding quality of sputtering target. When storing metal sputtering targets, they can be stored in clean plastic bags, but if they can be vacuum packed, they should be vacuum packed as much as possible.

3. Sputtering target cleaning

First, use a lint free soft cloth soaked in acetone for cleaning, and then use alcohol for cleaning. After cleaning, use deionized water to clean the sputtering target. After cleaning, put the sputtering target in an oven and dry it at 100 ℃ for 30 minutes. If it is a ceramic sputtering target, it is recommended to use a lint free cloth for cleaning. After all the above is completed, rinse the sputtering target with argon gas of high pressure and low humidity to remove the impure particles that may cause electric arc in the sputtering system.

4. Check the short circuit and sealing of sputtering target

After the sputtering target is installed, the whole cathode shall be inspected for short circuit and tightness. Generally, the cathode shall be inspected in the form of a resistance megger to determine whether there is short circuit. After ensuring that there is no short circuit in the cathode, the cathode shall be inspected for tightness, and water shall be introduced into the cathode to determine whether there is water leakage.

5. Packaging and transportation of sputtering target

During the transportation of sputtering target, the target shall be packed in a vacuum sealed bag with moisture-proof agent as far as possible, and then the wooden box shall be used as the outer package, and anti-collision layer shall be installed around it to protect the target and back plate from damage during transportation and storage.

The above is the full introduction of Fenglianke to the sputtering target maintenance methods. Timely maintenance of the sputtering target can improve the utilization efficiency of the target and reduce the probability of failure in use. Molybdenum and molybdenum alloy targets, tungsten and tungsten alloy targets and other products of Fenglianke Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. If you want to know more about them, please call us for consultation.