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In order for every pixel to shine in full splendor on displays, the highest requirements must be met. No problem for our materials. We supply products made of molybdenum and tungsten and their alloys, which are essential for display production. From the production of glass to the production of semiconductors to the coating of displays, our products are used.

Our products are characterized by the highest quality, best material purity and highest density. In this way, they ensure the reliable and stable operation of essential processes and high-quality results of modern displays: This guarantees cost efficiency.

We know the requirements in the field of display production very well. In close development cooperation, our materials scientists and engineers adapt the material properties and tolerances of our products exactly to your requirements. With us, you rely on a reliable and sustainable partner. Ongoing investments in state-of-the-art fully automated systems guarantee high production capacities, reproducible process quality and reliable delivery capability. For a century now.

Scope of application:

· Display· Electrochromic glass· Electronic components
· Semiconductor industry· Radio frequency electronics· Power electronics
· Optoelectronics· Telecommunications· Compound semiconductor industry
Sound application knowledge

Sound application

Sound application knowledge

Cost efficiency through
automated processes

Sound application knowledge

High flexibility

Sound application knowledge

High production

Sound application knowledge

High process purity

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