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"Competitive Green Shade, Enough Splendor" -- Fenglianke Optoelectronics Autumn Football Friendship Match was successfully held

Author: 超级管理员

October 11, 2022


In order to enrich the staff's amateur cultural life, further stimulate their enthusiasm to participate in physical exercise, improve their physical fitness, enhance the communication and friendship between various units of Fenglianke Optoelectronics, and provide football fans with an opportunity to learn football skills and improve their level. On September 23, the trade union of the company held the autumn football friendly match of Fenglianke Optoelectronics, which is "competitive and beautiful enough".

In this game, the players from the subsidiary companies of Fenglianke Optoelectronics were divided into three teams. In the game, both sides come and go, attack and defend each other. The team members have clear division of labor and tacit cooperation. They keep running, attacking and passing with the ball on the court. The fight is fierce and friendly. Although the weather has begun to cool, every player shows his team's enthusiasm and tacit understanding.


The three teams are of equal strength. Each side has its own advantages and competes fiercely. The audience cheers and cheers from time to time. The football field is warming up a little during the game. Although it is not a professional player and has not received professional training, the fighting spirit of the players on the field affects everyone on the scene.

The football match aims to provide employees with a pleasant platform for amateur activities, enhance mutual communication, and cultivate the sense of teamwork. At the same time, it also shows the spirit of Fenglianke people to work hard and never give up. It will also drive more employees to take physical exercises and devote themselves to work with full energy.