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Tungsten bar(English name:Tungsten Bar)is also called tungsten alloy bar.Tungsten alloy rod(WMoNiFe)and Anviloy 1150 are made of metal powder at a fixed high temperature,using special high-temperature powder metallurgy technology.This tungsten alloy rod material has low thermal expansion coefficient,good thermal conductivity and good material properties.

At high temperature,tungsten alloy rod is a material with high melting point and low coefficient of thermal expansion.The addition of tungsten alloy elements improves machinability,toughness and welding.The performance of the material is based on the manufacturing of tungsten alloy rods to eliminate problems related to heat treatment of other tool materials.


Tungsten rods have special properties,such as low thermal expansion and good thermal conductivity,sufficient resistance to electricity,and high elastic modulus.Therefore,tungsten rods are widely used in various fields.Such as support line,lead-in line,printer needle,various electric and quartz furnaces,filament,high-speed tools,auto products,sputtering target.

Material and batch number


Specification and model


Product executive standard:GB/T4187-2006

Use field

Glass melting

Heating body and structural parts of high-temperature furnace

Welding electricity


Weapons used on X-37B

Supply form

Rotary forging,turning and polishing.

Processing method

Sintering,forging,rotary forging,rolling and polishing.

color and lustre

Classification of surface color of tungsten rod:

1.The surface of sintered tungsten rod shows silver gray metallic luster;

2.The forged tungsten rod has a layer of oxide on its surface,which is black;

3.Polished tungsten rod with silver gray metallic luster.

Tungsten bar

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