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Molybdenum electrode

Molybdenum electricity has high high-temperature strength,good high-temperature oxidation resistance and long service life.Based on these advantages,it is usually used in daily glass,optical glass,thermal insulation material,glass fiber,rare earth industry and other fields.

The main component of molybdenum electricity is molybdenum,which is made by powder metallurgy process.The content of molybdenum electric component in the world is 99.95%,and the density is greater than 10.15g/cm3 to ensure the quality of glass and the service life of electricity.The commonly used molybdenum electrical size ranges from 20mm in diameter to 152.4mm,and the length of a single piece can reach 1500mm.

Using molybdenum electricity to replace the original heavy oil and gas energy can reduce the environmental pollution and provide the quality of glass.

Molybdenum electrode

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